What are Growth Specialists?

Published on 20 March, 2022 | Accelerators | 260 views | 3 minutes read

The following are details regarding becomming an approved growth specialist

Growth Specialist Program

This offers additional incentives for our GROWTH SPECIALIST clients to help BUSINESS ACCELERATOR new clients each month as long as they both remain turnovergrowth.com active accounts . After the initial period, the two parties may elect to continue a business relationship on their own terms at their agreed needs and requirements.

Think of it as a mentor, coach, expert, growth advisor introduction which is helped or facilitated by the introduction of our service directly by the growth specialist.

We hope this will be a WIN WIN for both parties as all businesses can be greatly assisted by people who have been there before and are good at acting as a guide to someone who maybe hasn't had the time or experience to confidently navigate the best way forward to enable success for their business.

Here is how it works:

You as Our client (Growth Specialist) are permitted to introduce new clients to our service (via YOUR Referral link) with your own complimentary services as additional incentives to sign up, if you provide regular (see details below) agreed advice and contact with your unique tracked and registered affiliate referral during Each 30 day period following sign up at no charge to them. You have the freedom to elect any specified times.dates or hours for your interaction with them as this is an agreement between yourself and them to offer growth strategies, mentoring, coaching, advice etc at no charge to them. If by offering this regular personal contact with them helps them sign up to our service and you can verify your assistance to them at no charge, we offer to increase the referral reward to you.

Here is a guide to adding incentive for new sign ups referred by an approved growth specialist with their Value Added 1 on 1 time:

NOTE: standard referral commission is 18%

#PLAN::Business Accelerator Account>>>

$360 Monthly fee/50% commission recurring

(Incentive added = $180 p.m/ 2hrs x $90 p.h)

Requirements= 2 hrs (1 on 1 time with your referral during each 30 days)


1 hr per week x 2 Fortnightly Sessions

30 min per week x 4 weekly Sessions



   1.   Sign up to our GROWTH SPECIALIST 1yr plan.

   2.   Once approved you will get a “Growth Specialist” badge on your MAIN profile site above your avatar.And be listed in our Active & Exclusive GROWTH SPECIALIST services Listing.

   3.   Active listings are exclusive and very limited, so if you are interested in building your audience and income don't delay with this opportunity.

   4.   You must a have a dedicated linked custom Vanity Domain (GROWTH SPECIALIST Accounts only)

   5.   You Must have invited the new client to sign up after a brief discussion explaining what the offer you provide is if they sign up via your link.

   6.   You must fulfil your obligations to the client outside of and separate to our service and not in-conjunction with our service as an independent business as you will be responsible for all taxes for any payments received via our affiliate program as per our affiliate program terms and conditions.

   7.   Payments are made to the approved growth specialist following the renewal of the second month of the referral by the referred new client, and provided the 1 on 1 contact has been delivered by the growth specialist to the referral within the first 30 days as specified by the time amounts above. If either of these requirements do not occur, then the standard affiliate commission will be paid as viewed in your account. In other words, if you don't provide the assistance to the referral as described by exact total hours or the referral cancels prior to renewal, then standard commission will apply.

   8.   The verified badge and addition incentive for new client referral are internal validation only for consideration of recognizing approved clients for added incentives and are at the total discretion of our business service and may be withdrawn if deemed no longer suitable, or fit for purpose. There is no additional cost to be considered and thus please consider your own circumstances and commitments before requesting to offer any services for your business.

   9.   If you have any questions you can access support directly from inside your account. If you are not a client the you may use our general inquiries contact form

Last updated on: 19 September, 2022